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About Pristine Glass Company

Pristine Glass is an innovative and experienced stained glass company which unites design and fabrication to produce works of the finest art form. Our major goals are educationing the public to the value and beauty of stained glass, demonstrating its usefulness and decorative qualities to our customers, and working with builders, architects, designers and conservators to create and to preserve this artistic tradition.

Pristine Glass and its employees have, since 1976, dedicated ourselves to our customers who appreciate quality products. We have worked with residential, commercial, and ecclesiastical interests in new designs and construction and in repair and restoration in order to integrate the stained glass and its surroundings.

Our full service stained glass company is staffed by trained and knowledgeable craftspeople whose expertise in designing and installing custom made projects and in repairing and restoring existing art glass works makes us one of the leading studios in the Great Lakes area. Our goal is to instill one-of-a-kind ideas or a little creative touches that make each project unique.

Our full line of domestic art glass, European glass, and our special order facilities provides our customers a wide range of colors--from the bold and vibrant to the subtle and pastel--in order to satisfy their tastes in new construction or to match their needs in restoration. We are especially proud of our custom bevelling and kiln fired painting.

We offer many styles of construction, including the leaded style and copper foil. Copper foil is well suited for detailed panels and three dimensional items or layered areas of panels. We use the leaded style in the larger and more traditional projects, such as stained glass windows for homes or churches. Other materials include brass, copper and zinc. All of our construction materials come in various sizes and profiles.